The ComiXed Digital Comic Management System

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An application for managing digital comics.


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Project Roadmap And Vision Statement

The goals for this project are simple. It seeks to be the ultimate management tool for digital comic books.

To achieve this goal, the project will:

What The Project Will Not Do

Supported Comic Formats

The following digital comic formats are supported:

Building The Application

For details on building things locally, please see the files.



We are now on Reddit! You can discuss the project, and related topics, in the ComiXed subreddit! While our old group is still available, please move all conversations to the new group.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists available for getting involved in the community.

ComiXed Users

For users of the project. please sign up for our user list. It’s where general questions, comments and discussions around the application take place.

You can also go here to search the archives.

ComiXed Developers

For contributors to the project, please sign up for our developer list. It’s where feature, coding and bug fix discussions take place.

You can also go here to search the archives.


Please read the this for guidelines on contributing to the project.